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Rose Hip Powder – Freeze Dried

This small red oval ball is responsible for providing one of the most powerful oils in dermal regeneration due to the  presence of galactolipids in the rose hip fruit. Studies have been shown that this compound contributes to prevent and heal degenerative bone diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.


It's reported that the other benefits include…

– Boosts the body’s resistance to diseases

– Stimulate and reconstitute the skin

– Fight colds and flu symptoms due to its high Vitamin C content (up to 840 mg of the total fruit)

– Aides digestion due to being a light diuretic 

– Dissolve calculus and clean kidneys and bladder

– Naturally moisturising

– Regenerate and nourish your skin, reducing wrinkles and scars.


Available as Organic or Conventional.

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