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20 May Brown Rice Protein – Organic

Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder - 300 mesh This material is extracted from sprouting brown rice which is sourced from certified organic farms in Vietnam, Thailand and China. The 300 mesh grade is ideal for use in solid foods and beverages with stable system i.e. smoothies. Available in...

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21 Jan EU Approved Organic Importer

Nutra Ingredients are now an EU approved importer of organic raw materials after a recent site audit by The Organic Food Federation. There is now an extensive list of high quality organic fruit and plant based powders available through Nutra. All materials have a full audit...

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24 Jul Caffeine Boost – During exercise

Already one of the most widely-used stimulants in sport, recent research suggests there may be greater scope for caffeine to be used in a wider range of sports as well as during exercise, says sports nutrition researcher and ex sports pro. The research tested how to...

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